3 comments on “Best Picture: Ryan’s Pick

  1. Ryan, you are a bit rough on NEBRASKA and PHILOMENA, both of which are well made and entertaining. This is why both received excellent reviews across the board. I agree with what you say about AMERICAN HUSTLE, and some of what you assert on WOLF OF WALL STREET. My #1 film of the year is 12 YEARS A SLAVE, so I am delighted that you are calling it for the Best Picture win. I will similarly be predicting it. Cuaron of course is in like flint, and both Kate and Matthew seem unstoppable. My own #1 actor this year was Miles Mikkelson for THE HUNT and actress Brie Larson for SHORT TERM 12.

  2. I simply wasn’t entertain watching NEBRASKA and PHILOMENA. I was kept checking the time to see how much I had left in both of them. I may be unfairly harsh but I’m glad we can agree on 12 YEARS A SLAVE. I feel like its suffering from frontrunner syndrome right now, the contrarians and hipsters are rooting against it because it is number one. I haven’t seen THE HUNT or SHORT TERM 12. But I will be watching them this weekend.

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